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Research Group

PyRO Research Group (Current Students). Back row from left to right: Ranon Fuller, Justin Wright, Bella Uracco, Ricardo Ceron, Bryant Johson, George Ansah. Front row from left to right: Cameron Vann, Ander Fuller, Michael Stoddard, Edward Mercado, Devin Rappleye, Tyler Williams, Brendan Ballard, Jeffery Adams, Addison Omdahl (Unpictured: Simon Calabuig)

At the heart of any research group is the people involved. It is the bright and motivated students who make quality research possible in the PyRO lab.

Currently, there are 5 graduate students (5 PhD) and 9 undergraduates actively contributing to the research being performed in the PyRO lab.

Graduate Students:
George Ankrah - High-throughput electrorefining in molten salts
Ranon Fuller - Rotating electrode development for molten salts
Jason Torrie - Two-step chloride volatility separation
Cameron Vann - Electrolysis of chlorine from molten salts for in progress generation/electrochemical sensors and methods development
Michael Stoddard - Advanced simulation of electrochemical techniques for electrodeposition in molten salts
Tyler Williams - Development of thin cell electrochemical sensor for molten salts

Undergraduate Students:
Bryant Johnson (Chemical Engineering) - ICP-MS specialist/electrorefining
Simon Calabuig (Mechanical Engineering) - Machining specialist/Chlorine electrolysis
Bella Urraco (Chemical Engineering) - Toxic gas system specialist/Chloride volatility
Brendan Ballard (Chemical Engineering) - Titration specialist/Chlorine electrolysis
Jeffery Adams (Chemical Engineering) - Chloride volatility
Edward Mercado (Chemical Engineering) - Density of molten chlorides
Ander Fuller (Electrical Engineering) - Electroncis and electrical specialist/electrorefining
Justin Wright (Chemical Engineering) - Chloride volatility
Addison Omdahl (Mechanical Engineering) - Machining specialist/electrorefining

Past Students - Projects (Employer after leaving the PyRO lab)
Greg Chipman - AC superimposed DC electrorefining (Savannah River National Laboratory)
Mark Schvaneveldt - In-situ chlorine generation (Argonne National Laboratory)
Marah Fuller - Electrochemistry of moisture byproducts in molten salts
Rankin Shum - Electrochemistry of moisture byproducts in molten salts (Materion)
Jake Monson - In-situ chlorine generation (Peak Finishing)
Makayla Larson
Neve Callaway