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A powerful tool in identifying unknown species in molten salts

Ranon Fuller led a project investigating the various models used in the literature to determine the number of electrons exchanged in metal electrodeposition reactions. We are proud to announce that his careful and systematic work is now published in one of the top electrochemistry journals, Electrochimica Acta. During the course of his work, he received assistance from Tyler Williams and Mark Schvaneveldt, who both generated experimental data to test the various models. In analyzing the experimental data from his own experiments and his co-authors' experiments, Ranon was able to benchmark a simplified model based on a previously published and more complex model. The simplified model enables the determinization of the number of electrons exchanged in unknown reactions because it does not require knowledge of the concentration and diffusion coefficients beforehand. This makes the model a valuable tool in identifying unknown fission products in molten salt reactors and electrorefiners, as well as corrosion products in thermal energy storage, concentrated solar power and molten salt nuclear reactors. The article can be accessed for free until May 7, 2022 using the following link below:

Citation details:

Fuller, R., Williams, T., Schvaneveldt, M., & Rappleye, D. (2022). A comparison of square-wave voltammetry models to determine the number of electrons exchanged in metal deposition. Electrochimica Acta, 414, 140220.